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What is the Internet of Things?

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) was first defined in 1999. Basically, the IoT is defined as a network of physical objects that are embedded with electronics that enable the objects to provide greater value and service. Although the basic meaning of the term remains the same, devices—key components of the “things” referred to in the…

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The Future of Scratch Resistant

  A while back, we wrote about scratch-resistant sensors and their current state. We discussed a few current applications and what the future may hold. Then we realized that there’s so much more to talk about. We’re going to dig a little deeper into just how this amazing process is possible and explore some exciting…

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DataStream™ System: Connecting the Semiconductor Industry

There you are, working away at your desk when that dreadfully random thought pops into your head: “Man. I wonder if those eggs in my refrigerator are still OK.” We’ve all been there. Naturally, you reach for your smartphone and open up the app connected to your egg tracker to see how they are. That’s…

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Applications within the Internet of Things Part 2

The Internet of Things (IoT) includes a number of different applications throughout a wide assortment of industries. In our first breakdown of applications within the IoT, we discussed how Brewer Science creates materials for sensors and MEMS devices essential to the development of IoT applications. Now we’ll take a look at our involvement with control…

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Brewer Science innovating to meet IoT-driven memory needs

Picture this: In four short years, Gartner Inc. predicts, the Internet of Things (IoT) will have expanded to a mind-blowing 26 billion units. That’s partly because component costs are decreasing and the devices are efficient enough to allow a huge variety of devices, both simple and complex, to be connected to the IoT. As such,…

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Plastic: A Brief History & Outlook

Plastic defined means “pliable and easily shaped.” According to the Science History Institute, plastic only recently became a name for a category of materials called polymers. Over time, humans have learned how to make synthetic polymers that are strong, lightweight and flexible. Polymers, or plastics, are vital to society because they expand human manufacturing beyond the…

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Photosensitive etch mask for creating through-silicon vias (TSVs)

Through-silicon vias (TSVs) are becoming increasingly common for high-speed and high-bandwidth connections on a chip. TSVs are especially important in 3D packaging schemes and are also used in many sensor, MEMS, and LED devices. While it is common to use deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) for creating the TSVs, wet etching of the silicon to…

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Asking the Right Questions: The Future of Carbon Nanotubes

Famous anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss said that the scientist is not one who gives the right answers, but one who asks the right questions. If this is the case (and we whole-heartedly believe it is), the future looks bright. Recently, an inquisitive student was researching Alzheimer’s disease and some possible ways carbon nanotubes (CNTs) could help…

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Small sensors having a big impact in Rio

The modern Olympic games haven’t changed much over the last 120 years. Sure, about 19 sports and another week and a half have been added to the games since the first modern-day Olympiad in 1896. But other than that, the spirit of international competition and the pride of representing one’s country have remained the most…

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News roundup: How scientists and engineers are tackling the hurricane aftermath

More than two months after hurricanes Irma and Harvey battered the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, the U.S. continues to struggle with remediating the destruction. At times like this, the world relies heavily on scientists and engineers for the brainpower and expertise needed to address the huge problems that result. The scientific community is…

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