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Sustainability in Semiconductors – Why eco-friendly initiatives are important in the tech industry

Global Warming is a hot topic lately, pun intended, contributing to an over 2-degree temperature increase in the last two centuries—which might not seem significant until you factor in the larger stress it puts on our ecosystem (and economy!): fire threats, water shortages, and increases in natural disasters. In the last four decades, damages from…

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Planarization Innovations Help Semiconductors Go Even Smaller and More Complex

Imagine you’ve decided to undertake a home improvement project; you’re going to lay tile in the downstairs powder room. To begin, you remove the old vinyl flooring. Underneath are clumps and channels of dried adhesive atop a concrete slab foundation that looks like a miniature lunar landscape. In order to ensure your tiling project has…

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Futuristic Approach with Directed Self-Assembly

Now that Brewer Science is leading the charge in improving directed self-assembly (DSA) technology, products such as semiconductors, computer hard drives, and drug therapies can benefit from new manufacturing methods that can make complex structures as small as 7 nanometers. The technology allows for higher product volumes and lower costs than in the past, all…

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