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Thin-wafer handling: Spin chuck designs for thinned substrates

Thin-wafer processing trends Several spin-coating process applications require the ability to uniformly coat, develop, and/or rinse (clean) thinned and fragile substrates. Safely handling these fragile materials is paramount and requires specially designed spin chucks and thin-wafer handling techniques. The substrates are made of a wide array of materials, and some of the more popular ones…

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Overcoming spin-coating challenges for square substrates

Process application engineers often encounter a variety of complex challenges related to deposition by spin coating, as many variables affect the quality of the spin-applied coating. These variables have critical effects on the overall coating uniformity, coating thickness, and subsequent device yield. Some of the more influential variables that must be controlled precisely are spin…

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Controlling the spin bowl environment to optimize spin coat quality

A variety of factors can affect the coat quality when spin processing. This article will focus on the role that the bowl environment, and in particlar the ability to control the fume exhaust, has on this process. The drying rate of the resin fluid during the spin process is defined by the nature of the…

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Solvent vapor control for optimal thick-film spin coating

One of the most critical variables in spin-coating processes is coating uniformity. In many cases, engineers are challenged with achieving ultralow total thickness variation at high film thicknesses while conserving expensive materials. To achieve such a highly uniform coating, automated control of the solvent vapors is essential. A closed bowl environment combined with a programmable…

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