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Photosensitive etch mask for creating through-silicon vias (TSVs)

Through-silicon vias (TSVs) are becoming increasingly common for high-speed and high-bandwidth connections on a chip. TSVs are especially important in 3D packaging schemes and are also used in many sensor, MEMS, and LED devices. While it is common to use deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) for creating the TSVs, wet etching of the silicon to…

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Processing wafers with high-topography 3-D structures

Over the past decade, Brewer Science has developed and published various methods of creating a planar surface over three-dimensional (3-D) structures. Sharing these results invariably leads to a potential customer asking, “Can you fill the holes in my substrate that are x in size?” The short answer to the question is “Yes, we can.” Filling…

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