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The history of wearable electronics

Wearable devices are all the rage right now, from FitBit products and the Apple Watch to the ever-evolving and highly anticipated Google Glass. But the idea and creation of wearable electronics occurred long before the cell phone or even the desktop computer. Brewer Science creates materials used in the sensors and MEMS devices that enable…

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The future of wearable electronics

We know what’s available now, but what we'd like to know is what’s on the horizon for wearable electronics. The wearable industry will be worth $19 billion by 2018, according to Juniper Research, and plenty of current and upcoming industry players will be rushing to market with the latest and greatest devices. The wearable health…

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Two types of wearable electronics: devices & apparel/textiles

The wearable electronics business has ballooned into a $20 billion industry in 2015, and experts believe it will hit $70 billion by 2025. The major players in the market are wearable devices, such as activity trackers and apparel. The health care sector has found great success in wearable tech, as it blends medical information, fitness,…

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