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5 Ways Every Employee Impacts Customer Service

B Corp values shape an exemplary customer service experience Delivering an outstanding customer service experience requires recognizing how each employee plays a critical role in the company's mission. Brewer Science's mission, a company of the people, by the technology, for the customer, to achieve fulfillment, enables a culture where everyone has the empowerment to provide…

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Brewer Science’s Innovative Solutions to B Corp™ Challenges

In May 2021, Brewer Science proudly announced it was the first company in the semiconductor industry to become a Certified B Corporation™. Being a trailblazer to achieve the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability—we overcame many challenges along the journey to becoming a B Corp™. Brewer Science prides itself in…

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5 Benefits of Being a B Corp™ in the Tech Industry

Becoming a Certified B Corporation™ comes with many benefits, most of them extending beyond the walls of the company and into the hands of employees, community members, and industry partners. The designation makes the meticulous and rigorous process to certification well worth the endeavor. In 2021, Brewer Science announced that it’s the first company in…

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Brewer Science’s Bold Journey to Certified B Corporation

Understanding the significance of a B Corp™ comes down to measuring the success of a company in more than profits and ROI. Can global impact, sustainability, and social justice deliver value to stakeholders too? At Brewer Science, we boldly answered, “yes!” and launched our journey to becoming a Certified B Corporation™. A B Corp is…

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The Challenge Doesn’t Stop at Certification: Post-B Corp Certification Reflections

Nearly one year after becoming the semiconductor industry’s first Certified B CorporationTM by meeting the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, Brewer Science still finds itself faced with a number challenges associated with upholding the B CorpTM mission. Following are five main challenges we are working to tackle in our ongoing pursuit to fulfill…

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