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Protecting key device features during wet-etch processing

With the explosion in demand for devices that include features in the tens to hundreds of microns, wet-etching is seeing new relevance. Light-emitting diodes (LED), microfluidic devices, ink-jet printer heads, sensors, and many other devices are being mass produced in semiconductor-fab-like environments. However, these feature sizes often do not demand the precision, of plasma etching,…

  wet etching, LED manufacturing, DRIE, GaN roughening, etch protection Click Here to Read More

Protecting front-side circuitry during backside DRIE processing

The demand for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) requiring tall structure designs, as well as the increased density and performance expectations from the IC industry, are driving the need to utilize deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) in creating deep anisotropic etches of silicon for MEMS and semiconductor device applications. Vast yield hits are frequently the outcome of…

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