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Advanced Lithography: What is Multilayer Technology?

Multilayer technology from Brewer Science has allowed the industry to continue to push the limits of advanced lithography well into the future. Our experts explain why it was needed and how it eventually became the industry standard for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing.

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Lithography process simplification for reduced cost of ownership

Cost of ownership plays an important role in lithography process materials and methods decisions. Process simplifications brought about by layer-to-layer synergy drive significant cost of ownership advantages for multilayer lithography systems such as the Brewer Science® OptiStack® system. Savings in mask engineering and manufacture are the greatest cost difference. Optical proximity correction (OPC) algorithms need…

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Background of multilayer processing

As semiconductor devices evolve, smaller and smaller feature sizes are required to achieve the performance desired by the consumer. Smaller features give rise to lower power consumption for mobile devices, less expensive devices due to the ability to manufacture more chips per wafer, and faster overall speed.  Why multilayer? Smaller feature sizes also lead to…

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