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Sustainability in Semiconductors – Why eco-friendly initiatives are important in the tech industry

Global Warming is a hot topic lately, pun intended, contributing to an over 2-degree temperature increase in the last two centuries—which might not seem significant until you factor in the larger stress it puts on our ecosystem (and economy!): fire threats, water shortages, and increases in natural disasters. In the last four decades, damages from…

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Solving Semiconductor Manufacturing Challenges through Surface Modification

Just because a material is a good substrate for making semiconductors doesn’t mean it will do everything the engineer wants it to do. In fact, surface modification — the act of modifying the surface of a material in a way that will affect its ultimate functioning — is integral to semiconductor manufacturing. The molecules and…

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A foundational shift: Scientific computing in the semiconductor world

Semiconductor manufacturing is changing. In an industry closely associated with constantly changing products, this is a no-brainer. But something is happening at a more foundational level, and it’s really exciting. The biggest recent shift has been in working to improve semiconductor manufacturing products through processes that go far beyond the substrate, and scientific computation is…

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