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Intern Experiences at Brewer Science

 From hire to retire, Brewer Science’s culture starts early in our intern program. The intern experience at Brewer Science is one of the facets of the company that makes it different from other companies. Dr. Brewer founded Brewer Science with the intent to focus on people, and this is evident all throughout the company, even…

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STEM Impact on Economics and Business

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers are the foundation of innovation, and they include much more than scientists wearing white coats and working in laboratories. Aircraft mechanics, software developers, marine architects, and astronomers all require STEM-related education. Unfortunately, the United States has fallen behind other industrialized nations in preparing its youth for in-demand STEM…

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Calling up the capable: Science-based jobs set to skyrocket by 2026

By now it’s common knowledge: Many of the most promising career fields in the next decade will be driven by the medical needs of aging baby boomers. Thanks to the whirlwind pace of the digital world and the automation that’s enabling it, jobs driven by technology will be the second-fastest-growing sector. All in all, the…

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