Experience the difference with Brewer Science's revolutionizing technologies. We offer an extensive range of products, from lithography materials to equipment, that impact our everyday lives.

Permanent Bonding Materials

WaferBOND® HT-10.11 and HT-10.12 Materials

Selective Surface Modification

Advanced Lithography

Brewer Science lithography products have been shaping the semiconductor industry since 1981. Over the years, new product lines, capabilities, and specifications have been improved to deliver the best

Electronics Design

Brewer Science Service Capabilities

Printed Electronics Services

Top Anti-reflective Coatings vs Bottom Anti-reflective Coatings

Temperature Sensors

BrewerBUILD™ Material Series

The introduction of BrewerBUILD™ Material offers an industry wide multifunctional solution addressing the challenges associated with redistribution layer (RDL)-first/Chip-last packaging in wafer- or p

BrewerBOND® T1100/C1300 Series Materials

BrewerBOND® T1100/C1300 Series Materials enable our unique Dual-Layer solution for high-temperature and high-stress applications found within the semiconductor industry.

Environmental Monitoring

Brewer Science is proud to offer an extensive program dedicated to exploring new realms of sensor performance – environmental monitoring.

Sensor System Solutions for Industrial Monitoring

Brewer Science’s integrated sensor system is an automated system that enables more predictive analytics.


The biggest problem facing lithographers using EUV is the RLS trade-off: simultaneous improvement of resolution, line width roughness, and photosensitivity.

Wafer-Level Packaging

Smart Devices and PE Foundry

Brewer Science is changing how environmental and process data is captured, transmitted, and analyzed using custom-designed printed electronics systems.

BrewerBOND® 530 Material

BrewerBOND® 530 mechanical debonding release material offers additional choices for stronger adhesions necessary for high stress/high temperature temporary bonding applications.

Multilayer Systems

​OptiStack® multilayer systems are our flagship lithography technology, and are used for leading-edge high volume IC manufacturing.

ProTEK® PSB Coatings

ProTEK® PSB coating is a spin-on replacement for silicon nitride or silicon oxide wet etch masks

ProTEK® B3 Coatings

ProTEK® B3 coatings thin films are spin-applied polymeric coating systems that provide temporary wet-etch protection for CMOS MEMS circuitry during alkaline or acid etches.

ARC® anti-reflective coating

ARC® anti-reflective coatings are the industry benchmark for reflection control and light absorption during photolithography.

BrewerBOND® 510 Material

Temporary wafer bonding release material for mechanical debonding applications

BrewerBOND® 701 Material

This UV laser release material was designed to benefit a variety of temporary bonding, debonding market applications including chip-first/chip-last and RDL-first FOWLP processes.

BrewerBOND® 305 Material

​BrewerBOND® 305 temporary wafer bonding material is an organic coating that enables back-end-of-line (BEOL) processing of ultrathin wafers using standard semiconductor equipment.

InFlect™ Moisture Sensor

InFlect™ moisture sensors deliver highly sensitive, real-time responses to changes in moisture critical for process and product protection and are ideal for monitoring low-humidity environments.