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Are Mental Models Limiting Your Growth? – Lessons of Leadership

  Join Tom Brown, Executive Director of Operations at Brewer Science, as he shares inspirational leadership advice, and professional growth stories.   Mental Models could be limiting your growth if your assumptions of others are strictly based on first impressions. You need to get to know someone to truly understand their perspective. Allowing yourself to…

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Brewer Science’s Bold Journey to Certified B Corporation

Understanding the significance of a B Corp™ comes down to measuring the success of a company in more than profits and ROI. Can global impact, sustainability, and social justice deliver value to stakeholders too? At Brewer Science, we boldly answered, “yes!” and launched our journey to becoming a Certified B Corporation™. A B Corp is…

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Proactive Approach to Defect Reduction in the Supply Chain

Brewer Science is on the forefront of the semiconductor industry, continually seeking ways to minimize defects and increase efficiency to better serve customers with a complete solution. Continually pushing customers’ expectations to unprecedented heights, Brewer Science is recognized as an industry expert. Tom Brown, Executive Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, and Julie Ply, Director of…

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How STEM Benefits Brewer Science

Brewer Science works to increase opportunities for STEM education and boost overall interest in STEM-related careers because both we and our customers greatly benefit from STEM success – locally and internationally. As STEM careers grow, we are able to collaborate with other companies and universities to produce new technology at a faster pace. Generate new…

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Benefits of being an eco-friendly business

Eco-friendly practices give your company more than just accreditation and a seal to share on letterhead and your company’s front door. Adhering to eco-friendly practices helps your company save money, reduce waste, and build a good reputation and helps your local community become more environmentally friendly. We’ve seen these benefits firsthand at Brewer Science. Eco-friendly…

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Not your average intern program: Brewer Science is creating the next generation of technology leaders

College students aiming toward advanced technology careers come from all over the globe in hopes of landing internships with Brewer Science. Why? Because BSI’s Global Intern Program is top-notch in terms of offering comprehensive, hands-on, professionally led learning opportunities. The program is fed by aggressive recruitment at some of the best-known technology and engineering schools…

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Staying Connected with Customers, Coworkers, and Community

Innovative methods to strengthen relationships when working remote  The COVID-19 pandemic is giving us opportunities to creatively strengthen relationships using innovative methods. Whether it is connecting with customers, collaborating with co-workers, or celebrating community – at Brewer Science we have identified several methods that have proven successful in these endeavors.      Connecting with Customers  Prior to…

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Brewer Science earns Zero Waste to Landfill certification for exceptional recycling program

Brewer Science employees already see how little goes to waste in their work environments. Now, they have further proof of that achievement. Click to enlarge   Earlier this year, Brewer Science facilities in Rolla and Vichy earned Zero Waste to Landfill Certification after an in-depth audit confirmed they contribute zero waste to landfills. Brewer Science…

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In a world where you can be anything, Brewer Science chooses to be an environmentally responsible technology leader

The choice to be environmentally responsible began when the company was founded in 1981. The owner of Brewer Science, Dr. Terry Brewer, was focused on creating value for our customers through original technology products in the semiconductor market. As Brewer Science invented new products and technologies and manufactured them, Dr. Brewer continued to instill confidence…

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How does Brewer Science help grow STEM?

As part of the manufacturing and innovation industry, Brewer Science relies on the growth of STEM education, jobs, and overall interest in the subjects to maintain our business model in the U.S. Our president and founder, Dr. Terry Brewer, addresses three main initiatives to help ensure the growth of STEM: Expand STEM opportunities in the…

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