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Six Steps to Structured Problem Solving

What happens when a big problem pops up?  For most of us, our first reaction is, “Quick!  Let’s fix it and make this problem go away.” However, if we rush to fix the problem too quickly, we may end up implementing a “solution” or “quick fix” that doesn’t solve anything because we didn’t take the…

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Intern Experiences at Brewer Science

 From hire to retire, Brewer Science’s culture starts early in our intern program. The intern experience at Brewer Science is one of the facets of the company that makes it different from other companies. Dr. Brewer founded Brewer Science with the intent to focus on people, and this is evident all throughout the company, even…

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40 Years of Innovation – Brewer Science Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary, Daring to Innovate

Rolla, Mo.–January 1, 2021– Brewer Science is celebrating 40 years of being a global leader in developing and manufacturing advanced materials utilized in cutting-edge micro-devices. Dr. Terry Brewer founded Brewer Science in 1981 and has been daring to innovate since its establishment. In 1981, the company boldly introduced ARC® bottom anti-reflective coatings to chipmakers worldwide,…

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Laser Debonding in 2D and 3D Heterogeneous Applications featured in Chip Scale Review

Alice Guerrero, Senior Applications Engineer in Wafer-Level Packaging at Brewer Science, and Koen Kennes, Research and Development Engineer at imec, contributed to Chip Scale Review with a discussion of the fundamentals of laser debonding and the advantages it has for 2D and 3D heterogeneous integration. Brewer Science and imec have several different products and programs…

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Proactive Approach to Defect Reduction in the Supply Chain

Brewer Science is on the forefront of the semiconductor industry, continually seeking ways to minimize defects and increase efficiency to better serve customers with a complete solution. Continually pushing customers’ expectations to unprecedented heights, Brewer Science is recognized as an industry expert. Tom Brown, Executive Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, and Julie Ply, Director of…

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2020 Brewer Science Hosts Virtual Pure Enjoyment Art Exhibit, Reception

Rolla, Mo.–Oct. 2, 2020–Brewer Science, in cooperation with the Springfield Regional Arts Council, is hosting a virtual exhibit featuring original art and photography during October. “Pure Enjoyment,” featuring 125 pieces of original artwork from 52 artists representing 31 cities, three states and two countries. Brewer Science, with the help of the Springfield Regional Arts Council,…

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Brewer Science: Our Anthem

Right here, in the heart of America, you can find Brewer Science – a global leader in the semiconductor industry. A contradiction to the status quo, technologists and leaders at Brewer Science inspire and build real change every day. As an organization, we are empowered dreamers who thrive on creating technology that enriches communities and…

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Brewer Science’s 10 Wastes to Become Lean

Brewer Science motivates a culture for continuous improvement. One of the focuses we continue to improve upon is eliminating waste, not only in an effort to become more sustainable but also because of the importance Lean Manufacturing plays in providing superior quality to our customers. Our emphasis on Lean Manufacturing allows for improved efficiency and…

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Staying Connected with Customers, Coworkers, and Community

Innovative methods to strengthen relationships when working remote  The COVID-19 pandemic is giving us opportunities to creatively strengthen relationships using innovative methods. Whether it is connecting with customers, collaborating with co-workers, or celebrating community – at Brewer Science we have identified several methods that have proven successful in these endeavors.      Connecting with Customers  Prior to…

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Brewer Science Announces Employee Ownership Program

Rolla, Mo.–August 7 2020 – Brewer Science Inc., a global leader in developing and manufacturing next-generation materials and processes that foster the technology needed for tomorrow, announced today that it has become a member of Certified Employee-Owned (Certified EO), the leading certification program for employee-owned companies in America. “Brewer Science is thrilled to partner with Certified EO,” said Alan…

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